Updated 04/0715:

Although it was a very difficult decision, we have decided to stop breeding puppies. 

Jesse and Jeter have been moved to Chapman Schnauzers.

You can find them and any of their future litters at


We appreciate all those that have come to us in the past to purchase puppies!

Welcome to SisterSchnauzers.com!

My name is Lisa and my husband is John.  We are located in Gilbert, Arizona and have been raising Mini Schnauzers for 13 years.  We fell in love with the traits that make up this breed.  They are intellegent, loyal, loving, mild tempered and great with kids.  Because they don't shed, if you have allergies, then this is the dog for you.  
We take pride in raising quality puppies from our house to yours.

Please take a look at the Nursery page to see our current litters.


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you
more than he loves himself.     -Josh Billings

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